Runaway Ostrich

“The Case of the Runaway Ostrich!”

Our hero, Bobo the detective chimp, has become a big fan of western movies on television and taken to wearing a cowboy hat. Not only that, he’s a dab hand with the old lasso too! No clue is provided as to what Bobo’s western show of choice is. Probably not Bonanza.

Sheriff Chase takes Bobo on a camping trip. While fishing, the pair are disturbed by an ostrich running past! Within moments Bobo has twirled his rope and lassoed the varmint. Chase calls a nearby rare bird farm, and they confirm that they have indeed lost an ostrich.

A mynah is stolen

The bird’s owner arrives and reveals that he’s also lost a rare talking mynah bird and is convinced that it’s been stolen. Bobo is very interested in the case. It’s suggested that, as the ostrich and the mynah had been such good friends, the ostrich had escaped in order to find his pal. With that, the ostrich jerks free of his ties and flees once more.

Bobo grabs hold of the ostrich’s neck and gets carted off for a wild ride at sixty miles an hour!

A hut

The giant bird eventually slows down outside a small hut, and Bobo climbs down. An “evil hombre with boom-bang stick!” appears and, “Something tells Bobo this means trouble!” As he’s fired upon, Bobo heads for the trees.

The gunman continues to fire. Bobo drops down onto the ostrich’s back and begins to circle the gunman at top speed. “Blast it! I can’t get a decent shot at him!” despairs the gun-wielding felon.

“That’s it, pal!” Bobo tells the Ostrich, “Don’t slow up! He can’t hit us with you traveling like this!”

The baddie caught

At just the right moment, Bobo lets fly with his rope and hogties the baddie. Wotta guy!

Sheriff Chase, hot on the heels of the fleeing ostrich, arrives and handcuffs the villain. Inside the hut he finds the missing mynah bird. It was due to be smuggled across the border and sold for a hefty profit. Once again Bobo has saved the day. For his efforts he is rewarded with a cowboy outfit.

Bobo as a cowboy


And…. the adventures of Bobo get ever more unlikely. Never seen a monkey hitch a rude on the back of a speeding ostrich? You have now..!

Another fun frolick from the pens of John Broome and Carmine Infantino. This story first appeared in 1953.