Devil Dinosaur #2

Devil Dinosaur #2, May 1978

“Devil’s War!”

Picking up seconds after the end of issue 1, Devil is rushing headlong into a trap. The Killer Folk have set up deadly wooden spikes in a pit ahead of the rushing dinosaur. At the last moment, Moon Boy yells a warning and Devil leaps high, missing the spikes and crushing the trap.


The angry Devil now turns his attention to the Killer Folk, stomping them with his feet and lashing them with his tail. Witnessing his men scatter, Seven Scars vows revenge: “This is my answer — we shall bury him first!!”

He orders the Killer Folk to lever huge boulders into the pit, where Devil is still trapped. The rocks rain down on the helpless beast and his pal. Moon Boy cries out that the spirits have deserted them!

Spirits desert

Then, a final giant rock falls onto them, crushing Devil and leaving Moon Boy unconscious.

A rock falls!

The Killer Folk drag Moon Boy away and tie him to a stake in the cave of Long-Legs, a giant spider. Meanwhile, Devil awakes and attempts to free himself. An iguanodon appears and attacks. Angered, Devil makes a supreme effort and breaks free of the rocks. He soon makes short work of the intruder.

Devil fights!

Tied to the stake, Moon Boy awaits death. “I must be worthy of Devil. I must face this unafraid!” he thinks. Long-Legs the spider arrives and menaces the poor lad as the Killer Folk gloat. Suddenly, Devil Dinosaur appears. He carries a flaming torch in his mouth!

Devil sets the area ablaze.

Devil torches the site

In the confusion, the Killer Folk scatter and Devil frees Moon Boy. Seeing Seven Scars cowering against a rock, Devil stamps on him and kills him “Krontch!”

Seven Scars is defeated

Devil grabs Moon Boy and the pair run for freedom. Trapped by the fire, the remaining Killer Folk make for the shelter of the cave — only to discover the hungry jaws of Long-Legs waiting for them! “Listen to them, Devil!” says Moon Boy hearing their screams, “Our enemies have found what they came here for!”

Devil roars in pride at a job well done.


And so the story is concluded in a most satisfying manner. This issue is wall to wall action as Devil fights to free both himself and Moon Boy from death. What is probably most surprising is that the bad guy, Seven Scars, is actually killed by Devil. Crushed to death, in fact, under the dinosaur’s huge red foot! You didn’t get that sort of thing in Spider-Man comics…