Devil Dinosaur #4

Devil Dinosaur #4, July 1978

“Object from the Sky”

Object from the Sky

Devil and Moon Boy are menaced by huge mysterious creatures beyond imagining. Well, beyond the imaginings of anyone other than Jack Kirby anyway.

Moon Boy screams.


He then wakes up and falls out of a tree..! It had all been a dream. Whew!

Briefly raised by Moon Boy’s cries, Devil goes back to sleep. A restless Moon Boy witnesses strange lights cross the sky. And, in the distance, something crashes to earth.

A mystery begins

Devil awakes, and he and his hairy pal go to investigate. The valley’s fauna are all in panic, but Devil is made of sterner stuff. Over the hill, the pair see something a little unusual, to say the least: a spaceship has landed!


Aliens disembark from the frizbee-like craft and attack Devil with their high-tech flame throwers.

Devil attacked

Devil is unphased however and stand his ground. He boots a boulder at the invaders, but they fly out of the way. They fire at the big red dinosaur again, and this time he falls. Moon Boy is scarred and stunned. Reeling, he’s easily captured by an alien’s lasso. As he’s knocked unconscious, we are witness to possibly comics’ first ever use of the sound effect, “Splok!”


The alien takes the bound Moon Boy for, “vivisection!”

All over the valley the invaders are blasting wildlife and raising the jungle to the ground. In the midst of the conflagration two members of the Hill-Folk are attempting to escape intact. One is young and heroic. The other is old and white haired. The latter walks with a stick. As gorillas do.

White Hair

Stone Hand is unsure what to do, but White Hair is sure that the legendary Devil Dinosaur can help them. It seems that, in the valley, Devil is treated like some kind of super-hero. And why not, eh? The unlikely pair scour the valley and eventually find Devil, who is just waking up.

An alien arrives to collect some dinosaur specimens. Devil sees him and jumps him. Again and again his mighty feet pound the alien.


The alien lies on the ground, seemingly defeated. As Devil turns his back, however, the alien revives and goes to blasy him with his flame thrower. Seeing this, Stone Hand leaps into the fray and smashes a huge boulder onto the alien’s head. “Die for what you have done to the valley!” he cries. “Die for what you have done to its creatures!”

The alien explodes.

Devil reaches some kind of understanding with Stone Hand and White Hair. He roars that he will lead them to victory. “The pact is made!” cries Stone Hand, with a flair for the dramatic.

The trio head for the Alien base. From atop a hill they witness dinosaurs veing taken inside the ship for processing. A parade of Hill-Folk stand in line. One of the poor creatures has had enough and makes a run for it.

“Don’t run! They’ll kill you!” shout his friends.

“They’ll kill me if I stay!” is his not unreasonable retort.


Before he can get too far, he is hit by a flame thrower blast and vaporised. Alarmed, Stone Hand thinks that maybe it would be better to get away while they can. Devil broods, wondering what to do next.

Finally, he nods his head toward a distant hill called, ominously, the Tower of Death…

The Tower of Death


Well, I said things got a bit wild with this issue. Obviously fed up with the pseudo-history of the previous issues, Jack reverts to his first love: science fiction. Aliens arrive on prehistoric Earth to study life and cause all sorts of problems for Devil Dinosaur. It’s tough red skin and firm thighs versus star-spaning alien technology. Who will win? Stay tuned.