Devil Dinosaur #6

Devil Dinosaur #6, September 1978


Our heroes remain where we left them, exhausted after their battles with a swarm of giant ants. Stone-Hand is ready to abandon Devil, but White-Hair counsels differently. Just a short distance away, the pair see a lone female battling a few of the ant stragglers. We can tell she’s female not just from the structure of her hips and chest, but also from the massive bee-hive hairdo she sports atop her head! It’s presumably the pinnacle of stone-age coiffure.


She curses the ants as she swings at them with a big rock, talking about denting their skulls — which would make them interesting ants indeed. Stone-Hand jumps into the fray, but is none too successful at impressing the lovely Eev with his bravery. Devil finally has to step in to save the day, dropping the ants down a ravine. Victorious, they all sit down to a good meal of ant honey together as they watch the ant army swarm towards the alien space craft further along the valley.

Inside the ship Moon Boy is about to be exterminated when the ants attack. The aliens are quickly overcome and Moon Boy siezes the opportunity to escape.


Finally, the ship explodes in a nuclear holocaust. Devil roars in triumph.

Meanwhile, Stone-Hand has decided that he’s nothing if not a sexist pig and seizes Eev. “…You must be taught the ways of Stone-Hand!” he commands, grabbing her wrist forcefully. “Come to me!” Eev, modern gal that she is, resists, bashing him over the head with a rock. “Swamp-serpent!” she retorts, “Among my folk, females are not possessions!” You go, girl!


Stone-Hand will have none of it, however, and forces Eev to the ground, determined that she will be mother to a brand new tribe.

Meanwhile, Moon Boy flees the wrecked spaceship.

Moon Boy escapes

Alone in the wilderness, he is almost attacked by a Thunder-Horn, but is saved by fate. Flesh-eating pterodactyls fly overhead, tracking him. He hides, shivering, in a cave as rain begins to beat down. He’s seriously not having a good day.

Elsewhere, Stone-Hand and the gang seek shelter from the sudden storm. Amid the wreckage of the alien craft they see something odd. The prime computer has been thrown clear and continues to operate in full auto mode. It speaks to the proto-humans. Realising that they need a face to interact with, it generates one…

The Tree


The saga of the alien visitation to prehistoric Earth continues apace. Kirby is right at home with this material, and fashions an exciting story that’s clearly heading towards an apocalyptic finale. By intorducing us to the first major female character we’ve seen so far in the series, he’s able to make a few points about male chauvinism and violence against women. Points well made, as Eev is no shrinking violet — she’s more than capable of looking after herself.

Interestingly, the cover seems to think the story inside is called “The Fall!” when, in fact, it’s named after the eponymous heroine of the piece. However, the use of the word “Fall” will become clearer in the next issue.

Cover by Jack Kirby, with inks from his old Fantastic Four partner, Joe Sinnott.

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