Devil Dinosaur #9 

Devil Dinosaur #9, December 1978

“The Witch and the Warp”

After the brief foray into pseudo-prehistory last issue, #9 sees Kirby return to familar sci-fi action.

Old Hag

Devil and Moon-Boy find an old hag who speaks incantations. Devil fears her and roars. As he races toward her, she flees, leading Devil and Moon-Boy into an area of mysterious deep pits. One pit crackles with Kirby-dots, and Moon-Boy expresses anxiety — as well he might.

Phantoms appear and, startled, Devil loses his footing and falls into a pit. As Devil disappears into the depths, Moon-Boy attempts to climb down but becomes stuck.

Devil and the pit

Devil appears in 1978 — how or why we’ll never know — and is instantly set upon by a bunch of rifle-wielding hunters in Nevada. He fights back and they drive off. Devil, uncomprehending the new world in which he finds himself, follows.

Devil attacks a car

Moon-Boy is rescued by the hag and her son. He asks them to save Devil.

Back in 1978, Devil arrives at Zuma City where he terrorizes the inhabitants. Just think the second Jurassic park movie and you’ll have a good idea. Firemen try to hose down the red beast to little effect, so the army is called in and they bring heavy cannons.


Moon-Boy, the hag and her son roll thunderballs (some kind of ancient gunpowder) into the pit. This has the effect of opening up a time warp in 1978, and Devil leaps into it, narrowly avoiding the artilery bombardment he’s come under.

Time warp

Moon-Boy reluctantly thanks the hag and joyously rejoins his dino-pal. The pair wander off for more adventure…

Devil seeks shadow


Kirby rounds off the series with little inspiration apparent. He was running on empty and just counting the days to the end of his Marvel contract. The issue is really just a re-tread of The Lost World — indeed had Spielberg painted his rogue Tyrannosaur red, it could’ve served as the movie adaptation of Devil. None of the time-warp stuff is explained, or satisfactorily resolved.

Still, never mind, from start to finish Devil Dinosaur can best be described as a ‘romp’. And, as such, it always delivered the goods. It’s one of Kirby’s lesser works, but was never less than entertaining.

Go and buy the collected edition and have yourself a darn good time!

The chronicle endeth