DC Digests

When I was a kid I used to see these adverts for DC Digests in my comics and I’d get most upset that I was never going to even see—let alone own—one. Y’see, here in the UK, only a select range of American comics were distributed to newsagents, and they were only ever regular-sized comics. We never got Annuals or Specials, and even double-sized issues would be skipped, which was particularly annoying in the early-1980s when loads of Marvel comics had double-sized issues to signal the end of story-lines or celebrate milestones. I’ve no idea why we were left so forlorn by the distributors, though I’d imagine it was to do with cover price: they probably believed that no one would pay extra for a comic, even if it was thicker than normal.

Anyway, digests. I wanted one so bad! I mean look at that ad: 100 pages! Big punch! Wow, how fantastic must they be, I thought. I’d to dream of one day walking into a newsagent and finding all this stuff on sale. Of course, it never happened… sniff… excuse me, folks, I-I think I got something in my eye.

Anyway, spool forward a few years. We moved to London, and suddenly I could go to something called a ‘comic shop’. Gasp! Such things were unknown in deepest, darkest Wales, let me tell you. Exotic they were, and I thrilled to be able to enter one. Now I could buy double-sized issues. And Specials. And Annuals. Incredible! And then, one day, I saw—as if illuminated by a pillar of light as a Heavenly choir swelled in the background—an Adventure Comics Digest. And it was… it was…


What the heck?!

These things might well have been 100 pages, but they were the size of a postage stamp!

Never, in the field of comic collecting, has one man been so disappointed. My innocence was shattered.

Image ©2011 DC Comics