Legend of Superman ad Lois Lane #5

Way back in 1958 the fifth issue of Lois Lane offered this fun ad that doubled as a primer for the Superman legend. The whole saga of the Man of Steel from birth on Krypton to life as a super-hero covered in just a few sentences. I like the way it also incorporates images of some of the important figures in Clark’s life. Poor old Jimmy has to make do with being represented by a baby lion (or cub—get it?).

DC clearly knew he was their star player as they featured him in no less than seven titles. And they’d soon add annuals to the mix! The twenty year old character had proven staying power, and continued to appeal to readers young and old. Over the following decade editor Mort Weisinger would only add to the magic. Under his watch, the Superman legend would grow from strength to strength. Mind you, to cover all his additions they’d need a much bigger ad!!

Image ©2014 DC Comics