Flash #198

Flash #198, June 1970

I was in 30th Century Comics the other day and came across this brilliant cover by Gil Kane. Now, he’s not normally associated with the Flash, but his take here is great. For my money, Kane was probably the finest super-hero artist comics ever had: the guy really knew anatomy, and a look at much of his work post-1970 is as a good a masterclass in that subject as you’re going to get.

Kane also handles the art chores inside the book, in a rather bonkers Bob Kanigher story entitled, “No Sad Songs For A Scarlet Speedster!” After being shot in the head, the Flash loses much of his memory, believes he’s an eight-year old, becomes best friends with a pigeon, and ends up having to be protected from a bunch of thugs by a trio of disaffected teen orphans — all of whom speak with Kanigher’s idea of hip dialogue. “That red fireman’s uniform you’re wearing is a groovy disguise!” “Stop flapping your soles!” etc.

It’s a mini-masterpiece!

Then there’s a backup story that guest stars everyone’s favourite backwards-talking magician, Zatanna, which has art by Don Heck. Vince Colletta handles the inks throughout, making this DC comic something of an ex-Marvel get together…

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