A horror-themed celebration of that old favourite cover design/layout of the central figure carrying a second, unconscious—or dead—figure. There’s probably no better genre of comics for this type of thing, although it has of course been co-opted by the super-hero of late.

Let’s start with this rather spectscular cover painting for Dracula Lives! #11 (March 1975). Dracula Lives! was Marvel’s first attempt at publishing a black and white magazine featuring the Lord of the Undead. This was on the back of the unexpected success of Tomb of Dracula, the monthly colour comic illustrated by Gene Colan. This cover is by Steve Fabian, who painted a few covers for Marvel in the 1970s, but is more familiar as an SF painter.

Dracula Lives #11 cover

Dracula Lives! #11, March 1975

Wind backwards through time eighteen months or so, and this great Neal Adams cover could be found adorning the newsstand. Also nice to see the return of our other favourite cover feature: the white nightgown wearing ingenue. There’s even a gargoyle in there—this cover has it all going on!

Dracula Lives #3 cover

Dracula Lives! #3, October 1973

Moving forward now, we come to the first issue of The Tomb of Dracula magazine (October 1979) and this Bob Larkin cover painting. This magazine replaced the just-canceled Tomb of Dracula comic on the schedule, and they’re easy to tell apart by the use of the definite article… Otherwise it was pretty much business as usual, with a Marv Wolfman-scripted and Gene Colan-drawn Dracula adventure. Interesting to note that there’s much more of a fantasy media feel to this incarnation of the magazine, as opposed to the earlier one, which clearly and proudly presented its comics credentials up front. This approach was clearly something of a misstep as it lasted barley a year—still, the Prince of Darkness wasn’t going to let a little thing like cancellation keep him down for long.

Tomb of Dracula Magazine #1 cover

The Tomb of Dracula #1, October 1979

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