Element Lad

Here’s an oddity.

At the back of the all-new Legion of Super-Heroes tabloid (C-55) there’s a section where all the various Legionnaires and their powers are detailed. This section was drawn by the monthly Legion book’s regular penciller, Jim Sherman. It seems that somewhere along the line an idea was floated to give some of the Legionnaires new costumes, and Sherman duly responded. Then editorial got cold feet and the standard uniforms were used instead. However, this new design for Element Lad slipped through and was published.

Clearly inspired by Jack Kirby — with elements of Jim Steranko thrown in — this outfit was never seen again. And that’s possibly just as well, I don’t know that it really suits Element Lad — and, hey, it’d look a lot better on a girl! Dawnstar perhaps…

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