Tomahawk #121

Tomahawk #121, Mar-April 1969

A while go I looked at some comics used a similar design for their covers (see HERE and HERE), and here’s another one. That image of a character bravely carrying a prone companion is extremely powerful, so it’s not surprising it’s been used so often in comics.

This cover is by Neal Adams and goes to show just what a fabulous artist he is. It also shows how far Adams is responsible for the look of modern comics cartooning. Prior to his arrival on the scene circa 1967, comic art tended to be less ‘real’ and more heightened and exaggerated. Compare this typical image from 1963, just 6 years prior to the Adams image above.

Batman #156

Shelly Moldoff and Charles Paris were the main Batman art team for most of the late-1950s and early-60s. Their work looks a bit crude now, but was by no means weak by the standards of the day. Neal Adams’s arrival was like a bomb going off and his influence (alongside that of John Buscema) really paved the way for the next several decades of comics art.

Another parallel cover–this one a rather lovely inverted parody–was recently used on an issue of the new Spirit comic. This one drawn by Darwyn Cooke (a man whose style may just lead the charge for the next few decades…)

The Spirit #4

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