I went to see the new Fantastic Four flick yesterday. I thought Rise of the Silver Surfer was far superior to the first film in every department. It still was nowhere near as good as things like the Spider-Man movies, or Batman Begins, but it was solid, family-oriented entertainment that passed a couple of hours most agreeably.

And it’s got Jessica Alba in it — what’s not to love?

During the week, I also took delivery of the extended cut of the first film on DVD. I bought it mainly for the extras, but I did check out the new version of the film and I thought it was a big improvement. The new material expands the characterisation somewhat, and is very worthwhile.

The extras, though, is where it’s at. There’s an hour-long documentary looking at the history of the FF comic book, featuring interviews with Stan Lee, Joe Sinnott, Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Rich Buckler, Jim Lee, etc, etc. Excellent stuff. Even better, though, is the other comic-related documentary: Jack Kirby Storyteller. A 60 minute overview/appreciation of the King. And fabulous stuff it is too, with interviews from Lee, Mark Evanier, Steve Sherman, Mike Royer and others, including Barry Windsor-Smith, whose contributions are marvellous.

As DVDs go, this is one well worth picking up. Fellow UK fans beware, though, that the Region 2 version of the extended cut doesn’t have the documentaries.