I was looking at that previous Machine Man panel and wondering where I’d seen such an image before. And then it hit me (ouch!)…

Arm Fall Off Boy

Hmmm… Yep. DC, too, have a super-hero who can take off a limb and beat people up with it: Arm Fall Off Boy.

Appearing none too frequently — okay, just the once — Arm Fall Off Boy put himself forward for membership of the Legion of Super-Heroes at one of their open calls. Not unsurprisingly, the sight of a guy pulling off his own arm and brandishing it as a weapon was sufficiently disturbing to Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, et al, that his application went no further.

For once, there was a character who might actually be telling the truth when he says, “My hands are registered as deadly weapons..!”

From Secret Origins #46 (1989), art by Curt Swan and Ty Templeton.

©2007 DC Comics