Flash Gordon #6, June 1967

Al Williamson had been the regular artist on this series of Alex Raymond’s space hero, although he only drew three of the first five issues. With his departure — to draw the Secret Agent X-9 newspaper strip — King handed the reins over to Reed Crandall. Probably most well-known for his long stint drawing Blackhawk for Quality (DC took it over later), Crandall’s photo-realistic style was also a regular feature at EC during the 1950s. For much of the 60s he found work on the educational Treasure Chest title, though he found time to contribute to more mainstream titles for the likes of Tower (THUNDER Agents) and Warren. And, obviously, King.

His Flash Gordon wasn’t Al Williamson’s, nor was it Alex Raymond’s, but it was highly effective, and he proved a worthy successor. Sadly, he never really got into his stride as the remainder of the run was blighted by reprints. Nonetheless, this cover provides a marvelous example of his style, and the interior work is every bit as good. This is well worth seeking out.

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