Fruitman Special #1, December 1969

You want strange? There’s not much stranger than Fruitman, believe me. Originally appearing as a backup strip in Harvey’s Bunny title, Fruitman told the adventures of one Percival Pineapple, a mild mannered frut seller who was in reality the super-powered Fruitman. Whenever danger threatened, Percy could transform himself into any type of fruit. Moreover, when in his fruit form, he could squirt any evil-doer in the eye with fruit juice!

This one-shot special contains five stories reprinting the “best” of Fruitman, alongside a couple of other tales with such no hopers top characters as Sooper Hippie and Captain Flower. Needless to say this is all very silly indeed, and carried out, sadly, with little of the style and competence contained in most other Harvey Comics. Richie Rich or Casper, this is not. The primary aim of its (unknown) writer seems to have been to pack in as many fruit-themed puns per page as humany possible.

The world’s peachiest, berry grapest superhero? Y’know what? — he just might’ve been…

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