Best of DC digest #44, Gil Kane Legion

The Best of DC #44, January 1984

They might’ve been teeny-tiny, these Digests, but they sometimes packed a punch. Gil Kane never really drew the Legion of Super-Heroes in their own book, but he provides a glimpse here of how he would’ve handled them had he had the chance. I love Kane’s art during this period when he was inking his own pencils with magic markers. Some people don’t like the rough and ready, blocky effect, but they’re wrong.

The interior reprints a number of Ed Hamilton/Jerry Siegel tales from around Adventure Comics #320, all with art by the underrated John Forte—now there was an artist who never met a stiff figure he didn’t like. All good, clean Silver Age fun, though probably a few years away from the truly classic Legion phase.

Cover ©2011 DC Comics