My Secret Life #41, August 1961

“Charlton Comics Give You More!” screams the blub atop every page — and in this case, they certainly gave us something different.

Myra loves her boyfriend Neil and is excited about the time she’s going to be spending with him. A newspaper headline tells her that a shark has been seen in the bay, but she thinks this is just hyperbole to increase sales. At Joan’s party, Myra and Neil happily dance the night away while professing their love for each other. As Neil has the next day off, Myra suggests they go swimming, but Neil reminds her of the shark scare. “Don’t be childish!” chides a smiling Myra.

The next morning Myra and Neil head for the beach. “C’mon, I’ll race you to the water!” teases Myra, and Neil follows as she splashes into the surf.

Right into the jaws of a shark! Chomp!!

Neil pulls her from the water and summons an ambulance. At the hospital the surgeons make a “valiant attempt to save [her] life” — and succeed. However, Myra is told that she’ll never walk again.

Neil arrives for a vist, but finds Myra disconsolate. She’s concerned that she’ll be a burden.

“Nonsense,” says Neil, “you’ll be no burden!”

What a stand up fellow Neil is. Myra’s bagged herself a good ‘un there.

Finally, some months later, as Myra sits in her wheelchair, she and Neil are pronounced man and wife.


C’mon, everybody: awwwwww….

Well, it moved me. After all, it’s not every romance story that features the heroine getting her leg munched off by a shark. Car crashes, frequently; sharks, not so much.

As this is Charlton there are no credits, but the art is very nice.

©2009 Charlton/the respective copyright holder