Wonder Woman #130

Wonder Woman #130, May 1962

Queen Hippolyta is painting a portrait of Wonder Tot, when the little, er… tot bounces in on a whale’s tooth. When queried whence came the tooth, Wonder Tot merely claims that she’s been out and done nothing. Hippolyta pushes her further and Wonder Tot recounts her day.

Wonder Tot cleans her teeth

Awoken by a starling biting her nose, Wonder Tot is performing her morning ablutions when her friend Mr Genie, the giant genie, appears at her window. When Wonder Tot says she’s not going to play with him, Mr Genie starts to cry – so Wonder Tot relents and rides the air currents with him. Mr Genie struggles to keep up with her, so magics himself a flying carpet.

Performing stunts on the carpet, Mr Genie is thrown clear and falls towards the sea where a savage fish creature awaits. Attempting to save him, Wonder Tot grabs his turban, but it unravels, and without it Mr Genie has no magic powers! Thinking quickly, Wonder Tot fashions a lasso from the turban cloth and pulls Mr Genie from the jaws of doom. Phew!

Later on Wonder Tot and Mr Genie are flying around when they spot a fleet of Martian spacecraft bent on invasion!! Given their clear, spherical nature, Wonder Tot refers to the invaders as “goldfish bowl men.” Attacked from all sides by various rays, Mr Genie sits terrified. Wonder Tot again grabs his turban and lassos one of the spheres, swinging it around to smash the other invading craft. Astounded, the Martians head for home. “Back to M-m-mars!… Before th-th-that terrible infant comes after us!”

Wonder Tot lassos the Martians

Showing Wonder Tot some fancy moves on his flying carpet, Mr Genie is again unseated when a whale leaps up from beneath the waves. He falls into the depths, but luckily he and Wonder Tot are both telepathic – which is convenient, to say the least! The whale goes to attack Mr Genie, but stops to rub its tooth against a rock. Mr Genie surmises it must have toothache. Once again Wonder Tot unravels the turban. This time she ties it around the troublesome tooth and pulls it out. A smiling whale gives the duo a ride home to Paradise Island. Wonder Tot keeps the tooth as a souvenir.

Queen Hippolyta


This period of Wonder Woman’s published history causes terrible headaches. Y’see back in those days Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot were actually supposed to be Wonder Woman as a teenager and toddler, respectively. We had none of this Donna Troy stuff. Their appearances together were initially explained away as a bit of magic involving a rigged film projector, but later Kanigher, and those that followed, just forgot and had the toddler and the teen interacting merrily and having adventures as the Wonder Woman Family alongside Wonder Queen (Hippolyta). Hey, if it was working for Superman and Batman, Diana was darn well going to have a family too!

Anyway, Bob Kanigher wrote this lovely flight of fancy, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito drew it.

Images ©2011 DC Comics