I find myself shocked by the announcement yesterday of the sudden death of Marshall Rogers. He died far too young — 57 is no age at all. Whereas with the Golden and Silver Age greats one half expects to hear of a death every so often, when someone who got their start when you were a kid dies, it really strikes home.

Probably best known for his work with Steve Englehart on Batman, Marshall also drew memorable runs of Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange and Mr Miracle, amongst much else. It’s the latter we’re going to celebrate here. DC revived Jack Kirby’s super-escape artist in 1977, continuing on the numbering from Jack’s defunct series. Marshall was chosen as the artist and it was one of his first professional gigs. The results were beautiful. His talent shone through, even when saddled with the inappropriate inks of Vince Colletta. He drew issues 19-22 before handing over the batton to Michael Golden, though he continued to supply covers for a couple more issues.

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Mr Miracle #19

Mr Miracle #20

Mr Miracle #21