Here’s a nice run of consecutive issues of World’s Finest. Notice any recurring features?

World's Finest #105

World’s Finest #105, November 1959

World's Finest #106

World’s Finest #106, December 1959

World's Finest #107

World’s Finest #107, February 1960

World's Finest #108

World’s Finest #108, March 1960

Y’see, kids, back in the pre-Vertigo days, we never had words like f***, sh**, and c*** in our funny books. No, when it came to cussing in comics during the Silver Age, “Great Scott!” was about as harsh as it got. And you thought that all started with the Batman TV show, eh? Uh-huh. That show merely reflected what comics were actually like at the time.

Now, in the interests of furthering one’s knowledge, I researched wherefrom that particular phrase hailed. Apparently ‘Scott’ may refer to General Winfield Scott, who was active at the time of the American Civil War. Or, it may simply be a corruption of “(by the) grace of God.”

Who knows?

Of course, if World’s Finest was a British title, we might have had cover dialogue along the lines of, “Gordon Bennett! Captain Britain is bally well being menaced by that blighter from space!” And a damn fine comic it woulda been, too!

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