Here’s a nice run of consecutive issues of World’s Finest. Notice any recurring features?

World's Finest #105

World’s Finest #105, November 1959

World's Finest #106

World’s Finest #106, December 1959

World's Finest #107

World’s Finest #107, February 1960

World's Finest #108

World’s Finest #108, March 1960

When it came to cussing in comics during the Silver Age, “Great Scott!” was about as harsh as it got. In the interest of furthering one’s knowledge, I researched wherefrom that particular phrase hailed. Apparently ‘Scott’ may refer to General Winfield Scott, who was active at the time of the American Civil War. Or, it may simply be a corruption of “(by the) grace of God.”

Who knows?

Of course, if WF was a British title, we might have had cover dialogue along the lines of, “Gordon Bennett! Captain Britain is being bally well menaced by that blighter from space!”

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