By this point (1974) DC’s romance line was on its last legs. And, in a strange twist of fate, the editor was none other than the co-creator of the entire genre: Joe Simon. He didn’t bring anything new with him, just the same old same old, but DC moved the two remaining titles, Young Love and Young Romance, to the 100-page super-spectacular format. While this meant a lot more pages of angst, not a lot of it was new material. The vaults were raided and some 1950s strips were re-run — with haircuts amended to reflect 70s styles. Occasionally you can come across a reprinted John Romita, Sr “classic”, or a Gene Colan perhaps, so these are worth checking out.

The covers were totally mad too, but that was true of all the 100-pagers. The main image was shrunk in favour of a hodge-podge of smaller panels reflecting the contents, and blurbs were the order of the day. Artist Nick Cardy did his best — and I like this one a lot — but he was fighting a losing battle.

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