Male facial wigs Charlton Comics

Charlton Comics goes that little bit further and helpfully provides the perfect disguise for the would-be super-hero. Merely donning  a pair glasses is never going to cut it—but attach one of these babies, and—wow!—instant change of appearance. Absolutely foolproof. Look at those images: the fake hair seamlessly blends in with the pre-existing locks. Really, who’d know?

Coming from Flash Gordon #12 (February 1969) this ad allows any as yet unable to shave young lad to send off for something to make him look both older AND younger, cool, suave, and, indeed, distinguished. Well, boy, who could resist? That it must’ve been like sticking a dead caterpillar to your face is neither here nor there. Still, nice to know they’re made from “simulated natural hair” and meet “exacting professional standards”. I’d expect no less.

1969. It was a hairy year.

Half a decade later all male porn stars would be sporting this look. Come to think of it, they were probably sporting this very product!

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