Haunted Love #2, June 1973

We continue our nocturnal waltz through Charlton’s early-1970s gothic romance title with the second issue, fronted by a Frank Bolle cover. Not as attractive a cover as issue one, it’s true, but effective nonetheless. Inside we get the usual two stories.

Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton present “Richard”, which tells of a young woman who has attracted the spirit of the eponymous fellow at a seance. Later we discover that the medium is a fake, out to extract money from our heroine. However, the medium’s unattractive assistant rebels and reveals the truth, ultimately finding love when he is rewarded by Richard’s ghost.

“I’ll Never Let You Go”, by Joe Gill and Frank Bolle, has a newly-wed haunted by the ghost of her ex-boyfriend, a reckless showoff who died in a car crash. No one believes her, and her husband starts to think she’s going a bit mad and seeing things. It all comes to a head when the spirit burns down the matrimonial home, but is consumed by the fire thanks to some quick actions of the husband, who has finally seen the light.

The art by Joe Staton is shockingly poor, but it was early in his career — he got a lot better later. Bolle’s work is fine, but perhaps not best suited to the gothic romance genre.

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