Young Romance #158, March 1969

Proving, perhaps, that comics were indeed getting “relevant” in 1969, this cover illustrates a common conundrum for the perennially horny love-struck youth. It’s the right place, it’s the right time, and, oh boy do you need it bad, but… it’s the wrong person. Sigh.

Of course, for us lads that wouldn’t really much of an issue (“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, etc” I think the song goes) — but those of a more distaff disposition seem to place a great deal of emphasis on the person they’re, uh… doing it with being someone they at least find attractive.

Sadly, of course, being a comics fan, this particular scene — nor one remotely like it —  has ever occurred in my life…

Not sure of the artist, but it’s nice work.

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