I am indebted to Daniel Best of the excellent 20th Century Danny Boy blog for pointing out that Image is about to publish a massive Fred Hembeck retrospective. Weighing in at a lap-busting 900 pages this tome, The Near Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus, will reprint practically the whole of Hembeck’s output and is sure to be a must-buy item.

Hembeck loves comics.

It’s as simple as that. That love is apparent in every panel of every page the man has ever drawn — and, what’s more, he’s often hilarious. Whether waxing lyrical on the astounding career of “Superman’s Favourite Transvestite, Jimmy Olsen,” interviewing Doctor Doom, or paying tribute to the all-but forgotten Soupy Sales, Hembeck never fails to see the funny side. He knows that Silver Age comics are inherently loony, but he acknowledges that as something to cherish, not disdain — and he’s right.

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