DC house ad for SUpergirl, Wonder Woman and Lois Lane

Appearing in Young Romance #195 (Sept-Oct 1973), this house ad is aimed at the predominantly female readership of the romance line and lets them see what’s happening with DC’s super-gals. And, no doubt, what they’re missing by instead opting for the doe eyes and tear stained tableaux of Young Romance. I don’t know whether this actually worked, but it was worth a shot I guess.

At this time Supergirl was appearing in her first eponymous series, a run that lasted just ten issues. Lois Lane was herself fast approaching cancellation, so only the Amazing Amazon had any real staying power as a stand alone attraction. She had just returned to full power, and her original costume, following several years in the white, Emma Peel inspired, cat-suit. A clearly bored Robert Kanigher was in charge of her adventures, though he was about to hand over the reigns to Julie Schwartz — who was going to try another of his Lazarus-like resurrections on the character.

Was anybody really still “on the go-go” in 1973?

Image ©2010 DC Comics