House of Secrets #95, January 1972

A guest appearance here, on this splendid Nick Cardy cover, of our old friend, the girl in the long white nightgown. While this isn’t technically a Gothic Romance title, it serves as a nice little adjunct.

As usual with these anthology mystery comics, the interior is a bit of a mixed bag. John Albano and Don Heck bring us the creepy tale of a young boy’s imaginary friend in “Creature”, while writer Len Wein tells of “Things That Go Bump in the Night”, with art by the unusual pairing of Jack Sparling and George Tuska. Sparling and Wein also look at “The Day After Doomsday…”, a poignant filler.

“The Last Sorceror” and “The Phantom of the Flames” are 1950s reprints drawn by Bernard Bailey and Joe Maneely respectively.

The best is saved ’til last however. “The Bride of Death” is a chilling tale of deal with the Devil to obtain eternal youth, written by Jack Oleck and drawn by the magnificent Nestor Redondo. The detail Redondo packs into every panel has to be seen to be believed.

It’s also interesting to note that this issue has the letters page that sees readers comment on HoS #92 — the first appearance of Swamp Thing. No surprises, Wein and Wrightson had hit gold.

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