What’s all the hullabaloo about? Why, it’s DC Comics, what else? Strange — you don’t hear the word ‘hullabaloo’ bandied about much these days. But, then, did you ever? My dictionary claims the word has its origins in the 18th century — much like the stars of this issue of Brave and Bold: Starman and Black Canary. Well, almost. Those two were left-overs from the Golden Age resurrected here for a second shot at fame. Starman never really took off this time round, and Black Canary eventually found a home in the JLA and on Green Arrow’s arm. In an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink move this issue also sees the return of that boxing super-hero, Wildcat.

So, while it promised much, the ‘hullabaloo’ eventually fell on deaf ears.

Art by Murphy Anderson

©2009 DC Comics