The Witching Hour arrived on the scene fairly late in the day: 1969. In common with DC’s other horror/mystery anthologies it presented a range of spooky tales introduced by a “host”. In this case, however, there was three hosts: Mildred, Mordred and Cynthia, perhaps better known as the three witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Who says comics can’t be high art, eh?

Edited with typical aplomb by Dick Giordano, it was a great comic: art by the likes of Neal Adams, Al Williamson, Nick Cardy, Bernie Wrightson and Jack Sparling filled the early issues, and Alex Toth was a regular fixture. It all began to go downhill following Giordano’s departure, but the book ran on well into the ’70s nonetheless, finally succumbing to the disaster that was the DC Implosion.

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