Brave and Bold #1 

I’m a sucker for a team-up story.

 In the old days, I used to love the team-up books that both Marvel and DC put out. Brave and Bold, Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Two-in-One and DC Comics Presents were all high on my reading lists. There’s something special about the format of putting two heroes together and seeing them take on a threat so big it takes the skills of both to defeat. It hurts not at all that most of the stories in those comics were single issue, self-contained tales. Reading one was like a sugar high, a quick hit of comics entertainment without having to deal with years of convoluted continuity.

It is, then, with some pleasure that I see that DC has revived the venerable team-up book with a brand spankin’ new The Brave and the Bold. Written by Mark Waid and drawn by the inimitable (well, except for Phil Jiminez!) George Perez, the book sees a return to the glory days of the team-up. I’ve not enjoyed a comic quite so much as the first issue for ages. A wonderful, rollicking good read, with loads to classic super-hero thrills and spills. No pretension; it’s big, it’s bold, it’s brave — it’s just so much bloody fun. 

The first issue sees Batman teamed with classic Green Lantern, Hal Jordan to investigate the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of an alien whose body GL finds floating in space. When that self same body is discovered in a further 63 locations on Earth, the wonder team is off and running on an adventure that will reach cosmic proportions.

Issue two continues the tale, though you don’t have to have read the first issue to follow what’s going on. The comics are essentially self-contained with a few background plot threads which add to the fun for the long-term reader, but which shouldn’t bother the casual one. Green Lantern and Supergirl follow the trail of the Book of Destiny to a world where the whole economy is based on gambling, and have to try to fight a villain who can read their every move… The dialogue between Hal and Kara is sparkling as Mark Waid has fun with the characters. And Perez is in his element, providing his trademark detail-rich panels.

The Brave and the Bold is back. And it’s great!

Brave and Bold #2