Jack Adler died this week. He was one of DC’s top production guys for many years, eventually ending up in senior management. He’s most well-known for developing a method for colouring covers that involved using watercolour paints over a pencil tone image, that, at its best, gave the cover a translucent, almost stained glass look. The result was a series of classy-looking covers that today practically scream “Silver Age”.

Much of the run of Sea Devils feature this grey-tone Adler effect, and I’m running some here as tribute to the great man…

Showcase #3

Showcase #3, July/August 1956

Sea Devils #13

Sea Devils #13, Sept-Oct 1963

Sea Devils #30, July-August 1966

Sea Devils #31 cover, Jack Adler

Sea Devils #31, September-October 1966

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