An interesting and—let’s be honest—wordy house ad for Jason’s Quest. This was a three-issue series that ran in the pages of Showcase #88-90. At this point in its history Showcase was running three-issue try-outs, none of which really went anywhere. Manhunter 2070, Nightmaster, Firehair… these are not names to list alongside the likes of Flash, Atom or Green Lantern.

Written and drawn by the prolific Mike Sekowsky, Jason’s Quest was indeed largely about a boy and his bike—the guitar didn’t last long. The premise was that 18 (or 19) year old Jason is told by his dying father that he was actually adopted, his real father having been murdered when Jason was a baby. What’s more, Jason is a twin and his sister was similarly spirited away upon their real father’s death. It soon becomes clear that the man who murdered Jason’s father is now gunning for Jason and his sister, not least because the sister has some incriminating evidence “secreted on her person.” So, Jason must now try to find his sister somewhere in the world all the while attempting to stay one step ahead of the murderers…

The first issue was solid and exciting, but Sekowsky was unable to maintain the pace. By the third issue the writer was finding it increasingly difficult to keep the plot going. Jason and his sister had met, but an unlikely series of mishaps meant that Jason hadn’t been able in properly introduce himself. The promised kooky and kinky characters were a middle-aged man’s idea of kooky, and annoying rather than interesting. Sadly, the series ends on a cliffhanger—never to be resolved. Ironically, in the letters page Sekowsky claims to have sufficient ideas to keep the premise running for years.

One aspect of the strip that might well have proven intriguing was just where upon her person Jason’s sister had had the evidence secreted. The mind boggles. You’d think that by the age of 18 (or 19) she might’ve noticed…

In his autobiography Carmine Infantino claims that Jason’s Quest was based on an idea he had a for a newspaper strip.

Showcase #88, Jason's Quest, Sekowsky

Showcase #88, February 1970

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