Jet Dream #1 cover

Jet Dream #1, June 1968

Jet Dream first appeared as a backup feature in Gold Key’s The Man from UNCLE comic, but clearly proved popular enough for the publisher to give a solo title a spin. Jet herself was cut from the same cloth as the likes of Pussy Galore, Honey West and, especially, Emma Peel from tv’s The Avengers.

It pretty much what you’d expect: Jet and her gals flying into action against international threats to democracy, and secret underground bases abound. Think Mission: Impossible if Jim Phelps had lacked a Y chromosome. Just to hammer home what time this was, one of the Stunt-Girl Counterspies (also known as the Dream Team) rejoices in the name Cookie Jarr. Oh yes.

It’s enormous fun, with solid, if unspectacular art by Joe Certa. As is often the case with Gold Key’s comics, the painted cover is by far the best thing about it.

Sadly, Jet Dream failed in her mission to relieve comic fans of their cash, and this was the one and only issue.

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