Space: 1999 #1

Space: 1999 #1, November 1975

A short while ago I ran the cover to the first issue of Charlton’s magazine version of Space: 1999 by way of tribute to Barry Morse. It’s my sad duty now to run the cover of the first issue of the regular comics version of Space: 1999 to mark the passing of Johnny Byrne, who was the script editor of the show’s first season. During that season he, along with Christopher Penfold, plotted the season-long story arc that followed the Alphans’ journey from Earth orbit to fulfilling their destiny to return life to the seed world Arkadia. Indeed, Byrne himself wrote that final episode of the season that revealed the Testament of Arkadia to great effect.

For Space: 1999‘s second season Byrne provided the opening script that introduced the shape-changing alien beauty, Maya, and the new set up of Moonbase Alpha.

After the show was cancelled, Byrne went on to write several stories for Doctor Who during the Tom Baker/Peter Davison era.

In an odd coincidence, several issues of Charlton’s Space: 1999 comic were written and drawn by John Byrne (the X-Men/FF writer-artist). The art for this particular cover, however, is by Joe Staton.

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