The Avenger

Justice, Inc was an unusual — and typically short-lived — series published by DC in 1975. Based on Doc Savage creator Kenneth Robeson’s other pulp series, The Avenger, the comic featured the adventures of the pliable-faced adventurer Richard Benson. So shocked was Benson when his wife and child were kidnapped, that his face and hair turned white and his flesh became malleable, like putty. Thus empowered, he became a master of disguise, moulding his facial features the suit the situation at hand.

Written by Denny O’Neil and drawn by Jack Kirby (who was just along to fulfill his contract obligations), it’s nonetheless hardly a shining example of the comics form. It is quite a lot of fun though. See if you can spot the common theme that runs through the final page of each issue.

Here’s a rare advertisement for the series.

Art by Kirby.

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