An ad for DC’s Heart Throbs comic from around 1970. The comics line hadn’t yet gone up to the giant, 48-page size, but they had begun to sport stylised logos: note the DC corner symbol is encased here in a heart shape. Though the romance genre was on the wane by then, DC still had six titles jostling for space on the racks — and they were soon to be joined by two more in the form of our old friends the Gothic Romance books.

I don’t own this particular issue, so I can’t explain why Kathy acted the way she did. I’d imagine it was to cover up some painful incident in her past that a dashing young man was able to resolve for her. Cue the tears…

And you have to love the strap line: “Are you the type boys go for?” 40 years later and you still see stuff like that plastered all over women’s magazines. Plus ça change, eh?

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