It’s nearly upon us.

Ever since Jack ‘King’ Kirby died almost 14 years ago, his friend and one time employee, Mark Evanier has been working on a biography of the great man. The result of the effort is published in the next few weeks.

Kirby promises to be a lavish coffee-table book showcasing the eye-popping artwork and offering an account of the King’s life. I’m sure much of the art will be shot from the originals, and there’s sure to be a lot of Kirby’s pencil work too — luckily he had the foresight to buy a photocopier back in the days when such things were rare.

Evanier continues to research. This book is a stopgap until the full, ultimate, in depth, absolutely-no-more-can-be-said biography is completed. As to when that will be… who knows? But I know it’ll be on my shopping list on the day it appears.