This was a huge portfolio that came out not long after Kirby made his historic move to DC Comics. And a beautiful piece of work it is too. The art included covers Kirby’s entire career up til that point, with examples of his work with Joe Simon, through the Marvel years — with several previously unpublished pages — and on to his triumphant arrival at DC. Though it’s a large format, around the same size as the Treasury/Tabloid it preceded, it was fairly pricey at the time, and I’ve no idea how well it sold. I’d be surprised if it was a massive hit.

I finally tracked down a copy on eBay in the late-90s, and it cost me a small fortune. Naturally enough, not too long after, Twomorrows published a new edition that was slightly updated with some additional images. That was even more pricey, but the intervening years made it seem less — strange how that happens!

Produced by the King — or certainly overseen by him — this presents Kirby at his finest and is well worth seeking out in either edition. That mad cover alone more than justifies the price of admission.

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