Here’s an old thing.

I’ve been a member of APA 247 (the APA for fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes) since 1992. In the early days I used to run a little competition whereby members could ask for a cover image drawn in the style of an artist who’d never actually drawn the Legion. The person whose request was chosen, won the original artwork. I did a series of these featuring homages (er… okay, swipes!) to artists as diverse as Jim Lee, Will Eisner and HG Peter. In each case, I’d study the artist’s work, take a figure from here, a figure from there, compile a suitable image and dress the figures in Legion costumes.

The first of the series was a “Jack Kirby” one:

What if Kirby drew the Legion?

It sets the mind to wondering just what the King would’ve done with the Legion had he ever taken at crack at it.