Korak advert

Staying with the theme, here’s an ad from exactly the same month enticing us to go and buy the adventures of Korak.

Korak, is, of course, Tarzan’s son. Now, now, madam, calm down at the back there. No, “Boy” is what Tarzan’s son was called in the movies. And don’t even get me stated on “Jai”…

I love these ads. The 1/3 page given over to them in most DC comics from the early days of comics, right up to the mid-70s, was space well-used, to my mind. They sell, sell, sell, and make their wares seem oh so enticing. What kid wouldn’t want to rush out to read the adventures of a jungle lad batting “primitive mongols in the 20th century”? I know I would — and I bet Rob would too!

You also have to love that prime example of comics’ wacky dating practices: the Dec/Jan issue, “on sale Sept. 13″! Wow, talk about lead time.

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