A lovely page here from DC Special #5, an all-Joe Kubert issue. Published in late 1969 it has a brand new short feature at the front, before the reprints start. This semi-autobiographical piece presents a ‘typical’ day in the life of Kubert the artist and editor. Naturally enough his family make an appearance, laregly to berate him for keeping unsociable hours. Note the two youngest kids: Adam and Andy. They went on to follow Dad into the wacky world of comics, and currently ply their trade to great success in a variety of DC comics.

I love the last panel here too, where fellow war artist Russ Heath is presented as a playboy-type with a somewhat lackadaisical attitude to his deadlines. This was seemingly a little close to the knuckle: Heath spent time at the Playboy Mansion working on the Little Annie Fanny strip with Harvey Kurtzman, and was reportedly not averse to offering Kubert wild excuses for his lateness with Sgt Rock.

Story and art, Joe Kubert. The remainder of this issue features a Sgt Rock and a Hawkman reprint, alongside some other stuff. Most impressively, perhaps, it has an utterly brilliantly drawn Viking Prince tale, reprinted from the early days of Brave and Bold. That strip alone makes this book well worth tracking down.

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