A rarity here from the “It Never Happened” file. In 1972 DC made brief attempt to add the famed comedy duo to its line of superstars. There was a single issue of a Laurel and Hardy regular-sized comic published (with art by Mike Sekowsky no less!), and plans for a line of digests, which would presumably have been largely made up of reprints of British/European material. For whatever reason the digest never appeared, leaving us with just this ad.

You may be able to make out that the actual title of the book (and indeed the title of the regular comic) is “Larry Harmon’s Laurel and Hardy” This is because Harmon had bought the rights to the name of the partnership following their retirement, and used it to realise cartoons and children’s books for many years.

In previous decades Stan and Ollie got themselves into fine messes at a variety of US publishers, including Gold Key and Dell — but they proved far more durable as comics characters overseas.

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