Limited Collectors’ Edition C-49

One of the nice things about DC’s tabloids — apart from the size, of course! — is that occasionally you’d get a full wrap-around cover. Opening these out full size gives a huge image, practically perfect for capturing the imagination of the super-hero-loving youngster. While I couldn’t argue that this is one of the better examples (sorry, Mike!), it’s always fun to see the Legion in flight. I’m an unashamed Legion fan, and it swells my heart to see them here in all their cloth-economic 1970’s outfits. Imra’s pink bikini, Rokk’s black corset… ahh, this is what comics are all about for the old fart fan.

And, y’know, the stories reprinted here are rather good too. Some of Jim Shooter and Curt Swan’s finest.

Cover art by Mike Grell. Click on the image for a better look.

©2010 DC Comics