Not only did DC try the large-size tabloid format in the early 70s, they also went to the other extreme and gave tiny comics a go. While the Laurel and Hardy digest never appeared, this Tarzan one did. At a 164 pages, it packed an entertainment wallop well above its size. Behind the Joe Kubert cover — Kubert was then well and truly in his element as the editor, writer, and artist of the regular Tarzan comic — is a selection of Russ Manning Sunday pages from the newspaper strip. Later, in an effort to save money, and get ahead of deadlines, Kubert used further Manning and Hal Foster strips as fill-in issues.

All great stuff, but the format was apparently ahead of its time: this was the only issue. It seems a lot of the run never even made it out of the warehouse. Much later in the decade DC would return to the digest format with far greater success.

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