Spare a thought for our old pal, uncle Mort Weisinger. It was the  early 1960s, he was editing a title primarily aimed at a female  readership, and had to keep coming up with something different each and  every issue. A difficult task, clearly, because yer average 1960s woman  didn’t want for much in life—other than to get married, of course. Lois Lane had to reflect this feminine longing, but Lois just couldn’t decide who to take down the aisle:

In Lois Lane #23 (Feb 1961), not unusually, she was after Superman.

Lois Lane 23

However, the following issue, Clark was the fickle reporter’s perfect match!

Lois Lane 24

Lois Lane #26 (July 1961), showed that Lana Lang wanted in on the act too—much to the disgust of our Lois.

Lois Lane 26

And in a startlingly unexpected development, in issue #34 (July 1962), Lois married Lex Luthor!! Crumbs!

Lois Lane 34

Make up yer mind, girl!

Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane ran for 137 issues over 15 years. I have them all, bar one, and they’re all a joy.  It’s great news that they’re finally getting their day in the sun with  the launch of a series of reprint volumes.

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