Spare a thought for old Mort Weisinger back in the early 1960s. He was editing a title aimed at largely female readership, and had to keep coming up with something different each and every issue. A difficult task, because women don’t want for much in life — other than to get married, of course. Lois Lane had to reflect this feminine longing, but Lois just couldn’t decide who to take down the aisle:

In Lois Lane #23, she was after Superman.

Lois Lane 23

Meanwhile, the following issue, Clark was her perfect match!

Lois Lane 24

Lois Lane
#26, showed that Lana Lang wanted in on the act too — much to the disgust of our Lois.

Lois Lane 26

And in issue 34, Lois married Lex Luthor!! Crumbs!

Lois Lane 34

Make up yer mind, girl!