Lois Lane #18

Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #18, July 1960

If you’re looking for a comics cover suitable to celebrate the institution that is Valentine’s Day, you won’t go far wrong with Lois Lane. The girl was well and truly smitten, her every waking thought directed to the pursuit of the Man of Steel. That the object of her affection always gulped loudly every time she got close mattered not a jot to our Lois — she knew what she wanted, and what she wanted wore bright red trunks.

One of her signature methods to get Superman to notice her was to flounce off with someone else, in the sincere hope that the Man of Tomorrow would be overcome by jealousy and offer her his heart. Never worked, of course… but that never deterred Lois who was sure to try the same tactic at least once every three issues or so.

In this particular instance, her patsy is not just super — he’s Astounding! Gasp!

Art by Curt Swan.

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