Tender Love Stories #3, June 1971

Ooh, the angst..!

Gotta love this prime example of the early-70s romance comic. Sobbing chick? Check. Groovy clothes? Check. Hunk in checked trousers? Check. Afro? Check. Peace march? Check. Hippie dude? Check. It’s all here folks — like a whole genre in microcosm. The don’t get much better than this.

Tender Love Stories was one of a handful of colour comics published by Skywald — an outfit much better known for their black and white magazine line: Psycho, Scream and Nightmare. Their colour comics mainly consisted of westerns, often reprints fronted by a new story or two. I think it’s much the same template here: most of the tales in this giant-size issue look fairly old. The cover is new though. Not sure of the artist, but I’m gonna guess Art Saaf.

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