When you look at a lot of comics covers in quick succession, it quickly becomes apparent that there are certain images that you see repeated constantly. When an artist has so much work to do, in so little time, it’s not surprising that they often fall back on cliches, or warm over a design they’ve used successfully in the past. Witness these Avengers covers from the House of Ideas:

Avengers Annual #2

Avengers Annual #2 (September 1968)

Avengers #53

Avengers #53 (June 1968)

Avengers #70

Avengers #70 (November 1969)

Art by the Buscemas: John and Sal. All come from a classic—and, indeed, my favourite—period of Marvgel’s premier super-team. That second Annual, especially, is a wonderful read, and I well remember devouring it when I was a kid. The old Avengers vs the new! Wow! It gives me a thrill just thinking about it even now. As jaded as I’ve become, I’m glad there are still comics that can get me excited.

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